EmTech Next 2019

How will business leaders navigate rapid change brought about by technology? Come to our two-day future of work conference to learn from the experts.
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Industry leaders will discuss

  • Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses
  • Advances in human-robot collaboration
  • Leadership in an era of constant reinvention
  • Technologies that bring the digital factory to life
  • How AR/VR is changing the enterprise training landscape
  • Jobs of the future
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Inspiring sessions will answer

  • How can businesses better use artificial intelligence?
  • How will you prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future? 
  • What skills will be valued in this new era? 
  • How can you stay agile and steer your career through this time of unprecedented change?
I'm always thrilled to attend EmTech. It's one of the places where I genuinely enjoy listening to the other speakers.

Andrew Ng Deeplearning.ai // Stanford University